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Preschool FAQ

(As of Fall 2022)

Click here to read the JCC Preschool Reopening plan

How is the JCC going to keep kids and staff members safe?

We’re working with local and state health officials and following NYC Department of Health and CDC guidelines to ensure the safest possible environment for our students and our staff.

What will the teacher- student ratio be?

We will be following the teacher to student classroom ratio per Dept of Health guidelines as the following: 12 students in the 2’s class, 15 students in the 3’s class and 18 students 4’s/UPK class.

Can you please go into details about your plans for personal protection for students & staff, sanitization procedures, and medical protocols?

Guidelines are constantly being updated and we will keep families up to date with changes. As of today, this is how we see procedures running:

  • All children are required to submit an updated medical form with the age appropriate vaccines.
  • Temperature screens will be checked DAILY before entering the facility for both students and staff. Select staff members trained in conducting screenings in the proper manner will be assigned this post on a daily basis.
  • Students shoes will be sprayed with a safe disinfectant spray upon arrival to school.
  • All staff will be required to wear protective face coverings while on shift.
  • Sanitizing and hand-washing stations will be located in all classrooms and hallways. Bathrooms will be deep cleaned frequently with personal attendants on duty to provide cleanliness checks.

My child has a pre-existing medical condition. Does this mean that he/she cannot attend school?

This is a question that is very difficult to answer. The CDC has noted that children with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, and breathing issues face a much greater risk of complications from COVID-19. While the decision of whether to send your child to school is, of course, a personal one, we must note the severity and the risk associated with school for everyone.

What would drop off look like and what modifications will be made?

Parents or caregivers will wait outside in a socially distanced manner. Children will be dropped off at the front door. Parents and caregivers will not be allowed to enter the building; only staff members, cleaning staff and other central staff will be permitted to enter. Staff members will be taking each child’s temperatures using a non-touch thermometer and parents will be asked to complete a daily health questionnaire about health and well-being at home. Staff members will also undergo daily temperature checks and health checks.  Each classroom will have their own drop off/pick up time to observe social distancing. Students shoes will be sprayed with a safe disinfectant spray upon arrival to school.  Children will be taken to the bathroom to wash their hands before they go into the classrooms. Staff members will wear face masks and gloves when assisting children.

Are children required to wear face masks?

Students will be encouraged to wear face masks

What happens if a child puts a toy they are playing within their mouth?

We will be getting rid of cloth toys that are harder to clean and will instead put out more toys that are easy to sanitize throughout the day.

What will snack/lunch and nap time look like?

Children will still be bringing their lunch and having their snack. They will be taken to wash their hands with soap and water before and after snack time, and before and after nap time. One thing that will probably look different is that instead of having snack as one large group, it will be done in smaller groups and the children will be socially distanced around the classroom. At nap time, we’ll be making sure that there’s enough space between the cots. Linens will be sent home regularly for cleaning.

How do you think the kids are going to react to all these changes once they’re back?

Children are generally way more resilient than adults are. They also thrive on structure and routines. School will allow them to enjoy different routines than at home, so it will be a welcome change for all.

When will school start?

School will begin after Labor Day with IN PERSON phase-in. Cubby visits and parent orientation will be held before Labor Day for all our registered families. Teachers will reach out in August to set up cubby visits.  Phase in will give children an opportunity to start getting reacquainted with their teachers, classrooms as well as new and old friends.

Will COVID 19 affect the school’s schedule or hours of operation?

We are planning to offer our regular schedule for this school year. Drop off and pick up will be done on staggered schedule per age group with 10 min intervals (see school calendar posted on our admission page) We will still offer our half-day programming which ends at noon, our full-day program which ends at 3-3:20 p.m, as well as our early drop-off from 8 a.m. and our after-care/late stay program which ends at 6 p.m.

What would a typical day be for my child?

The structure of the kids’ day will not look much different from what a typical preschool
day would look like in terms of activities, such as circle time, arts and crafts, outdoor
time, naps, etc. However, we will implement various modifications to adhere to the most
current Department of Health guidelines.

When should I keep my child home?

Contagious illnesses are easily passed around from person to person. However, if easy
sanitization guidelines are followed, we can keep those ailments to a minimum. We can
all work together to ensure that our kids, families, and staff stay healthy. Please allow
your child to rest at home if they have any of the following symptoms: fever, unusual
lethargy, constant runny nose, uncontrolled coughing or wheezing, persistent abdominal pain, newly-developed and undiagnosed rash, persistent diarrhea or vomiting. Please allow your child to rest at home until they are symptom-free for at least 24 hours without any meds.

What happens if a child, parent, caregiver, or a staff person tests positive for COVID 19?

We will fully follow the guidance of the Department of Health if any child, parent,
caregiver, or staff person tests positive for the virus.

What will happen if you need to close school for an extended period of time?

We are well versed in all COVID safety guidelines and successfully operated our
summer camp this season during this “new normal.” We will continue following any and
all recommendations from the Department of Health and will update our families as new
guidance becomes available.

How will the parents be kept in the loop about school happenings?

Teachers will keep families involved with daily photos and brief descriptions of their
child’s day. Our relationship with families is key to our success and we look forward to
sharing kids’ experiences with our families.

We thank you for your trust and look forward to spending the 2022-2023 school year
with your and your children.

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