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Please Donate to JCC Brooklyn!

Please consider donating to JCC Brooklyn’s programming. Whether you have your child enrolled in our early childhood programs or our JCC Brooklyn summer camp, or whether you have attended our community-wide free programs, you know what JCC Brooklyn means to you, your family, and our community. We appreciate your trust and involvement, and we remain committed to providing high-quality programming and parent engagement programs in 2023.

Hillel the Elder, one of the foremost Jewish sages and social innovators of his time who lived in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, left us a well-known maxim:
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And being only for myself, what am ‘I’? And if not now, when?” In the clairvoyant spirit of his saying, we ask you to hear our humble appeal this year.

Why JCC Brooklyn? 
Inspired by Jewish values and ideas, JCC Brooklyn strives to build and strengthen communities, create meaningful relationships and lasting friendships, and foster deeper connections among individuals, families, and partner institutions in Brooklyn. We are the only non-sectarian Jewish Community Center with both physical sites and an extensive non-physical footprint in Brownstone and North Brooklyn that offers programs infused with Jewish culture and spirit to all of our families, regardless of background. We are a uniquely urban and diffuse JCC model with storefront locations and a pastoral summer day camp in Bay Ridge, open to all!

Why Now? 
In our Sheepshead Bay site this month, we regularly serve over 900 needy seniors and families at our monthly food pantry which provides frozen poultry, fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits, baked goods, honey, coffee, tea, and other items.  our food pantry utilizes the client choice model which allows every participant an opportunity to choose the items they need/want, just as they would had they been shopping in a supermarket.
With the precipitous spike in food prices, we have seen our food pantry recipient list increase from 600 to over 900 people over the course of one year.  We also provide home deliveries to over 300 individuals.  Your donation will help us expand our food options, manage our volunteer database, and coordinate deliveries and referrals for people in need.

When and how can I help? 
Whether at the end of the year, or at any time, we will be immensely grateful for your donation.

You can ask your employer for a matching donation, if applicable.
You can forward this link to your family member who might wish to support our efforts by donating to JCC Brooklyn’s programs.

Most importantly, we are here for you and we can’t wait to see you!