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Ukraine Relief Fund

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and we’ve established a Relief Fund at JCC Brooklyn to support our brethren who are living through a devastating crisis. We need your help!  We are working directly with the Ukrainian Consulate General in New York and UJA Federation of NY to help with the most pressing needs such as food, water, and medicine for refugees, and temporary housing for those displaced by the war.  100% of your donation will go directly to the people of Ukraine.


Below is a list of priority items for humanitarian relief drawn up by Ukraine’s Consulate in the United States.

Should you want to drop those items in person, check out these addresses

Meest Warehouse – 600 Markley Street, Port Reading, NJ 07064.

>Packages dropped off at our NJ warehouse will be delivered for FREE, and ONLY to our Meest Humanitarian Fund in Lviv. Our Humanitarian Fund will distribute packages to various cities in need of humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Meest offices and agent locations in these states -NY, NJ PA, CT, MA and MD.

>Packages dropped off at Meest offices or agent locations will be delivered directly to the organization of your choice at a heavily-discounted price of $2.30 per pound and $5 per parcel.

Packages from other states can also be shipped to our Meest Warehouse in NJ at your own expense, and then Meest will deliver them for FREE directly to Lviv, to then be dispersed by our Meest Humanitarian Fund. If you would like to have your packages delivered directly to an organization of your choice, the delivery price will be $2.30 per pound.


Non-perishable food – currently a BIG demand!

Blankets & Bedding


Containers for liquids (canisters for water, fuel, lubricants with capacity of 10-20 liters)

Disposable utensils and tableware


First aid and first aid kits



Hygiene products (women’s sanitary products, diapers, etc.)

New Clothing and footwear for men/women/children

Protective military gear (helmets, bulletproof vests, tactical backpacks, boots, gloves, dry rations)

Satellite phones

Standalone lamps

Tents, mattresses, sleeping bags

Thermal underwear



Backpacks, 10 x 19 x 14

Bandage Strips, 1”x3”

Big Cinch Abdominal Bandage

Burn Aid – water gel burn dressing, 4×16

Burn Aid – water gel burn dressing, 4×4

Butterfly Strips

Cervical Collar

CPR Mask

Cravat Bandage (CamoVat)

Dynarex Medi-cut Sterile Disposable Scalpels #10

Emergency Compression Bandages (Israeli Battle Dressing)

EMT Shears

Eye Wash, 4oz.

IV Catheter, 18 G

IV Catheter, 20 G

IV Catheter, 22 G

Medical Adhesive tape rolls, 2-3 inches

Multi Trauma Dressings, 12”x30”

Pain Relievers – Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen

Pair of Tweezers

Safety Pins

Stainless Steel Hemostats

Sutures needle, size 6

IV Starter Kits

Tongue Depressors

Triple Antibiotic Ointment, full size


Abdominal pad, “ab pad”, 5” x 9”


Adhesive bandages (Band-Aids) in several sizes

Adhesive tape

Aluminum splint, 36”

Ambu bags

Antibacterial ointment

Antibiotics: Zosyn and Unasyn iv, vancomycin iv,

Antiseptic wipes


Butterfly bandages, 0.5″ x 2.75″ (16x)

Caffeine pills

Central venous catheter kit

Chest seals

Coban roll, standard 2” x 5 yards

Cravat / triangular bandage, 45” x 45” x 63”


Doxycycline and/or Bactrim antibiotics

Dressing materials, include dry or impregnated gauze

Elastic bandages

Elastic wrap / ACE bandage, standard 4” x 5 yards

Emergency blanket (2x)

Fluids, IVF – NSS 09%, LR, d5nss

Gauze pads, 4” x 4” (6x)

Gels, foams, hydrocolloids, alginates, hydrogels, and polysaccharide pastes, sutures


Hydrocortisone cream, 1%


IV catheters

Laryngeal Tube

Latex or rubber gloves



Moleskin, 5” x 2” strip

Mouthpiece for giving CPR

Nasopharyngeal airway

Pepto-Bismol pills

Plastic cling wrap, 2” wide roll

Plastic films

Pressure dressing

Rolled gauze, standard 4.5” x 4 yards

Safety pins (3x, various sizes)

Saline eye drops

Silk medical tape roll, 1” wide


Trauma shears


White petroleum jelly/Vaseline in small container

Z-fold gauze, standard 45” x 4 yards

Please refrain from sending any restricted items, including, but not limited to:

• Alcohol and any products with alcohol

• Perishable foods

• Knives

• Batteries

• Aerosols

• Compressed air and gas cylinders

• Camping stoves

• Matches

• Perfumes/after-shave

• Illegal drugs (over-the-counter medications are ok)