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North Williamsburg

Dana Kornfeld

Head Blended 2's & 3's Class Teacher

Dana Kornfeld is an award-winning graduate of Queens College where she earned her B.A in Early Childhood Education. A native New Yorker and natural nurturer attuned to the needs of the individual, Dana has over 20 years experience educating, cultivating, counseling, advocating, caring for, and inspiring development in people of all ages. Dana has been teaching 2s & 3s in her Brooklyn community for 6 years. She is known for aiding displaced/struggling students and their families. She is passionate about being a catalyst for growth and exposing children to a hands on world of opportunity. Outside of teaching Dana is excited about being a memory keeper through her photography and video. She is a lover of music and art, gardening, hiking and cooking. She is a long time volunteer for local communities as well as artisan groups in Guatemala.