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Summer Camps



All upper staff are certified in first aid for professional rescuers, RTE, AED, CPR and many are certified as lifeguards as well. First aid and lifeguard staff will always be stationed with the groups. These emergency staff members, as well as the group leaders, will carry first aid kits on them at all times.


Walking trip days: campers explore the community by going on short walks.
Short trip days: (travel time is less than 40min).
Long trip day: Thursdays (travel time is more than 40 min; water park trips – 60-75min).
There will be one extended day of camp when campers go to a water park.
All staff are equipped with walkie-talkies.
On the buses, campers are properly seat-belted prior to beginning the trip.
All counselors do face checks (we do not simply use “head counts” – our staff always goes the extra step to ensure our children’s well being and safety).
Upon arrival at the trip destination, a “safe zone” is designated (typically near a food court) where there are directional signs.  A staff person certified in first aid for professional rescuers, RTE, AED, CPR is stationed at the safety zone with a first aid kit, to be used in emergency situations only.
Campers will walk in two lines, with a counselor stationed at the front, rear, and middle of the line.  Every 15 steps the counselors do a face check.


During the second week of camp, campers are tested by a certified water Instructor, and their individual swimming level will be assigned.
The pool is sectioned off in three parts horizontally.  Each swim level is divided into a section.  Within each section there are counselors assigned to remain in the water.  Around the perimeter of the pool, counselors are placed 5 ft apart and are instructed to remain in place watching campers and the pool area.  Each section will have its own lifeguard, as well as a swimming instructor to train the campers, and provide for their safety.
Each camper is given a brightly colored swim cap that they must wear when swimming. Each swim level has a different colored swim cap (i.e. blue, yellow, red).
Each camper is paired with a swim buddy within their swim level and camper group (we utilize the buddy check system).
For each swimming level, staff is fully equipped with toys/supplies/equipment/safety belts, etc.
Around the outer area of the pool, a counselor will be stationed to record whenever a camper leaves or returns to the water.
For each day, there are themed games/activities within the pool that correspond with a 30-minute instructional lesson taught by the instructor. The activities are designed to be fun, and to further the theme of that day.
Campers receive 30 minutes of recreational swim during each lesson.


If you have chosen Bus Transportation, your child will be picked up at your door between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM, and arrive home between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM, depending on the placement on the route.  A staff member will contact each family to tell them the exact pick -up and drop-off times, but if you have further questions regarding your child’s transportation please call our office. We ask that all campers be ready by 7:30 AM on their first day, although your child may be picked up later. After the first day, all pick-up and drop-off times will remain as consistent as possible.

In order for someone to pick up a child, they must have a photo ID on them. This includes parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. Our staff will match the name on the photo id with the name on the list that was provided to us with your application.

You may email regarding all absences, late arrivals, or special requests, or call the camp office. If your child is going to be absent, or will be arriving late to camp or being picked up early, it is extremely important that you notify the camp office in order for us to make any necessary arrangements. Please DO NOT give messages to the driver or counselors.The number to call is (718) 407-6377 or e-mail Feel free to leave a message with information regarding absences or route changes on our machine if we are away from the office.

Remember – If for some reason you are late to pick up your child past 6:00 PM and you fail to notify the office staff, there is an additional fee of $1.00 for each additional minute past 6:00 pm. An invoice will be sent home or an additional charge will be added to the camp tuition.  To avoid additional charges, please notify the camp office if you are going to be late.


Campers are fed twice a day, consisting of a kosher breakfast and snack.
Breakfast offered consists of fruit, cereal, bagels, milk, etc.
Each camper brings a NUT free lunch from home.
Campers are reminded to always have a water bottle with them.


All campers should have sunblock brought from home.
Staff do not apply sunblock to campers, however they will assist with applying spray sunblock.


Our camp is designed to encourage success-building skills in children. All camp activities are designed to reinforce the five character principles of Honesty, Caring, Respect, Responsibility and Friendship.  In our camp we reward children for displaying positive behaviors.  We practice progressive discipline and we employ positive reinforcement.

Zero Bullying and Violence Policy:

Any act of bullying, violence or extreme aggression towards participants, staff, or camp property will result in a child’s immediate dismissal from camp for the remainder of the day. Bullying, violence and aggressive acts may also include forms of extreme emotional abuse. Repeated behaviors may result in the child’s expulsion from camp for the rest of the summer.

Please note: Any action that jeopardizes the safety of the camp or any participants will result in immediate dismissal.

If a camper’s behavior is disruptive to the experience of others, appropriate action will be taken by the counselors.  Most incidents are handled effectively by the staff. If behavior problems continue, we will always call parents or guardians to enlist their help. Campers who are continuously disruptive will be sent home from camp. There is no camper refund for any child sent home for disciplinary reasons. Any questions or concerns about your child’s behavior at camp should be directed to our Camp Director.